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How to become an exclusive DDL Club member?

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to capture real magical moments between natural and masculine men. DDL prefers amateur settings over classic gay films with professional actors. Our mission is to bring adult entertainment to the next level. Technologies like AI, VR and AR will make this possible. If this approach appeals to you and you want to be more than just a subscriber and fan then contribute and contact us.

Men do what they have to do

DDL Club members are often bi, married, straight and older and cannot live an openly gay life. Their unspoken male experiences often remain secret. Many are boomers who want to reactivate their dormant sex lives with new experiences. They are mature but know that their best time is yet to come. Some can be proud of their special assets and talents and finally want to be filmed while attending exciting meetings among like-minded men.

The secret archive

Only DDL Club members can browse the DDL archive videos of the last 20+ years. Club members appreciate being able to relive exciting group experiences at any time in a safe and discrete way. Since they want their privacy protected, we have agreed not to show faces of participants unless otherwise agreed.

Impress and excite us

When you want to film with us you first become a DateDickLive subscriber and then contact us. We will then ask you to send us recent photos or videos of your best assets and talents. The photos will never be shared or used. They are 100% private and are only needed for the DDL Club member admission process.

Does becoming a DDL Club member and filming with us sound exciting?